“A child will exceed me with a fiery wisdom.”

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Book Synopsis

A child is exiled from his hometown of Nosessica by a jealous and powerful town elder. The child is alone in the wide world, losing his family and his best friend, and sets out to fulfill a destiny set in motion generations before his own birth. The young wanderer is guided by a benevolent teacher and explores not only the physical world in which he lives, but also delves deep into other realms and discovers that all is not what it seems. He learns and develops skills beyond anything he could have hoped or imagined but realizes that these gifts are needed to deliver peace to the world. He not only discovers the value of his own life in the unfolding of the universe, he discovers the value of all life and what lays beyond for those pure of heart and innocent in deed.

The Warlock Name is an epic tale of discovery of one child – a discovery of himself, his powers and the future of two worlds, one on the verge of creation and the other on the verge of destruction. Against all odds, the child finds peace, goodness and light in a world fraught with darkness and jealousy.

There are no limits to what must be done

One cannot be limited by the basic rules of society; even less by their own intuition.

Yet, we must explore the vast depths of consciousness, and provoke our spirit to shine out throughout the world.

We must relate to many prospects, and in turn gain a greater understanding of what becomes of us.

Our beliefs can remain unchanged through time; yet we must consider the very nature that guides us every day we are alive.

Such knowledge, once grasped, will shine brighter than the sun, and all can bask in its brilliance.

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