About The Author

Thomas Sweet

With the writing of his first novel, The Warlock Name, Thomas Sweet has furthered two of his passions – dreaming and inspiring others. Thomas has succeeded in creating a world in which anything is possible, and the main character is an inspiration for all who believe there is truth within each of us.

Born in Biloxi, Mississippi, in 1977, Thomas completed a B.A. in Physics, obtained an MCP certification and an MBA, and gained experience in video production while writing and researching his first novel. His sense of humor, passion for his work, and love for music and art keep him motivated throughout the process.

Between his times of creativity, he sometimes enjoys computer programming, and anthropomorphic beings. Living in a rural countryside, he appreciates nature and loves raising his German Shepherd Dog. He also likes Native American and Celtic shamanism as well as a wide variety of music.

Thomas believes and hopes that in every heart there is a little part that never grows up out of childhood which will always continue to believe in the impossible. In this, he feels free.

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