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    1/13/2018 As of today the next version of the book is still waiting at the publisher. I have a new cover image because I don’t have contact with the original artist for copyright permission. You can still buy the older version currently if you wish. It should be another month or two before we see the new version available.

    This post may contain SPOILERS.

    There are two versions of The Warlock Name.
    You can see which version you have on the Copyright page.

    The first version: 1stBooks – rev. 02/10/04
    The second (in development) version: Published by AuthorHouse 01/02/2018

    They both have the same copyright date of 2004.

    The second version also has illustrations on pages 111 and 235, whereas the first version has none.

    The main difference is the second version corrects 2000+ grammar mistakes using Grammarly software plus the illustrations. Note the illustrations in the book are different than the ones on this website. The website illustrations are taken to be more accurate and up to date.

    I was unable to change the cover image in the new version due to publisher restrictions. So both versions of the book will have the same image.

    Another difference is the older version had 292 pages, while the new one has 274 pages, due to formatting and layout changes. Word counts will differ slightly.

    Also, in the original book the Timekeeper Fox was an ordinary fox that was a spiritual being, and the Power was basically a copy of Warlock himself. In the new book, the Fox is an anthropomorphic fox that is still a spiritual being. The new Power is an anthropomorphic canine, inspired by some furry artwork I had found.

    There may still be some of the old versions of the book hanging around, but that version as far as I’m aware is now out of print.

    Attached to this post are the old and the new covers.

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