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    *may contain spoilers*

    If you take the somber feeling of the first three songs of The Joshua Tree, and combine that with the movie The Neverending Story, you will have something akin to the atmosphere of The Warlock Name.

    The songs sing about being on a desert plain. There is Chimera Plain in the book. Something about a plain above an expanse of flat land has such a mood to it.

    Striving over mountain and fields to find your name, and what you are looking for.

    U2 sings about the streets have no name. And much of the book the protagonist has no name. He is just called boy or child. He discovers three names in the book. And learning his true spiritual name allows him to fulfill his quest.

    U2 also sings about dust cloud, and in the book the dust under the moonlight is sort of hyper-real experience of unfathomable peace.

    When the world turns against you, you still have friends.

    Funny enough the concept of love is important to me, though I don’t really make mention of love in the book. Maybe it would sound corny. I don’t know. But other themes like wisdom and perseverance stand out. And there are so many entities like his Gamma Sphere and the Globe.

    It must be something to enter one of five or more dream worlds instantaneously, and perceive this world and that simultaneously.

    My book as the same mood as The Neverending Story, although it is not as dark. Unless you consider unreality to be dark. The most evil person in the book is not truly evil, but jealous.

    This is how the book makes me feel. With over 11 revisions, and 11 years of writing, I believe I have a masterpiece. Where else can the notes of the flute be words of a lost ancient dialect never spoken by man?

    If you like silent misty nights, you will probably like this book as well. That sense of longing.

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