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    *contains spoilers*

    Reality is of course what is happening. Though there may be some confusion about unreality and how it fits into the story. Unreality is not the polar opposite of reality. It is not the combination of all possible realities except the real reality. Thus it is not wider or more expansive than real reality. I call it real reality because that is Warlock’s true experience in his conscious, everyday state.

    If you took all possible realities and ordered them by probability, and gave a weighted average to those that were more probable, you would have unreality. It is a reality that is the weighted average of all probable realities that are not the real reality.

    When Warlock travels unreality, it is not the polar opposite of reality. Else it would be a hellish, chaotic, random realm that made no sense, and would warp his mind into a pretzel, and dissolve his form within nanoseconds. He has a powerful mind that keeps him from entering those types of reality, or unreality.

    He is most attracted to, and the unreality is most attracted to him, that which is his signature realm. The unreality holds a presence of him. You could say it is the most next probable reality that did not happen in this reality. Yet it would have to be different enough to be considered foreign. So the choice to walk left instead of right may create another reality, but it might not be the “unreality”. Yet choosing to walk left vs walking right might not even be polar opposites either. Choosing not to walk at all may be closer to unreality.

    But unreality is not definitive, and it is not based on what goes on in reality. Sure, it is linked in a way, else time would cause them to disassociate from one another into the chaotic soup I spoke about earlier. In short, unreality is what you think it is, and is not, both at the same time. Yet, it can be only one thing.

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